Standard X-Ray Radiation Protection Equipments

Standard X-Ray Radiation Protection Equipments

X-ray Radiation Protection Equipments are types of equipment used by Radiation Protection Officers in carrying out their duties and responsibilities when conducting installation and inspection of ionizing x-ray. The following equipment must be prepared and used in x-ray radiation protection:


Individual Monitor

To find out the amount of radiation exposure received by radiation workers in a period of time. These individual monitors are routinely obtained and evaluated by the competent authority


Pocket Dosimeter

Pocket dosimeters are used as a tool to monitor radiation doses from radiation workers/radiographers and can provide direct information about the number of doses received by the user. The disadvantage of this dosimeter is that it cannot store dosage information that has been on it for a long time.


Film Badge

This film badge is used to record the amount of radiation doses received by radiation workers over a period of time and cannot provide direct information because it requires a process and evaluation to pass the dose received by the body. Processed films can be used for more precise calculations and can be documented.


Thermolum Dosimeter (TLD)

This dosimeter is used for a certain period of time, for example, three months. Then it is processed to find out the number of radiation doses it has received. After being processed TLD can be reused.


Survey meter

Survey meter is a measure of the rate of exposure or the rate of radiation exposure coming out of the X-ray device in the form of a main beam, a scattering beam, a leak or radiation that penetrates the walls of a room. The surveillance device used must be calibrated and still calibrated and have the same energy response as the energy output from X-rays.

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Radiation Danger Signs

Radiation danger signs are installed in places where they are considered necessary, for example around work equipment, when an exposure test is conducted. Radiation danger sign in the form of red light when operating the device


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