Radiation Protection Officer, Function and Authority

Radiation Protection Officer, Function and Authority

We will discuss the utilization of X-ray technology / ionizing radiation equipment for health-related to the function and authority of the Radiation Protection Officer. Before discussing the functions and authority of the Radiation Protection Officer, we first discuss the use of X-ray technology / ionizing radiation equipment for health.


Utilization of X-Ray / ionizing radiation equipment for health

There are so many benefits obtained from X-ray technology for health. For example, mammography examinations. Mammography examinations were able to determine the presence or absence of breast cancer cells, X-rays also used for dental examinations, and so on.

The use of X-ray for health (and also for industry) has been strictly regulated and supervised by an institution that specifically handles the supervision of the use of ionizing radiation equipment with various regulations that must be obeyed by related parties, in this case, companies importing ionizing radiation equipment, and user of the tool.

Importing companies must prepare Radiation Protection Officers in accordance with their designation. If the ionizing radiation to be imported is for health, the Radiation Protection Officer must also be of medical qualification. Likewise, if the ionizing radiation device which is to be imported is used for industry, it must be prepared by the Industrial Radiation Protection Officer.

Radiation Protection Officer

Radiation Protection Officer is an officer appointed by the Nuclear Installation Company or other installation that utilizes ionizing radiation. Radiation Protection Officer must declared capable by the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency, to carry out work related to radiation protection issues

The following is the authority of the Radiation Protection Officer:

  1. Give technical or administrative instructions verbally or in writing to radiation workers about good radiation safety. Instructions must be easy to understand and can be implemented
  2. Take action to ensure that the irradiation rate is as low as possible and will never reach the highest applicable limit.
  3. Prevent changes to everything that can cause radiation accidents.
  4. Prevents radiation sources from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons.
    Prevents unauthorized persons from the area of ​​control.
    Carrying out documentation relating to Radiation Protection.
  5. Suggest health examinations of radiation workers if necessary and carry out radiation monitoring and radiation protection measures
  6. Provide explanations and provide adequate radiation protection equipment to visitors or guests if needed.
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Radiation Worker

Is an officer appointed by the Installation Entrepreneur to assist the Radiation Protection Officer in carrying out the installation and maintenance work of X-ray.

A radiation worker is partly responsible for the safety of radiation in his work area, thus he has the following obligations:
1. Knowing, understanding and implementing all radiation safety regulations
2. Make the best use of all available radiation safety equipment, act with care, and work safely to protect himself and other workers.
3. Reporting any accident event however small to the Radiation Protection Officer.
4. Reporting any perceived health problems, suspected to be caused by over-exposure or the entry of radioactive substances into the body.

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