Radiation safety, Ionizing Radiation Dose Monitoring

Radiation safety, Ionizing Radiation Dose Monitoring

Radiation safety intended as an effort to protect someone, their descendants, and also a member of society as a whole against the possibility of adverse biological effects that occur from radiation.

Radiation safety objectives are:
1. Limiting opportunities or risks of stochastic effects occur due to the use of radiation, which can be accepted by society.
2. Restrict non-stochastic effects occur from radiation harm someone

The application of the basic principles of radiation safety needs to set the value of the dose limit dose limitation system as follows:
1. Any use of radiation sources based solely on the principle of benefit and must first obtain approval from the Agency for Nuclear Power. (BAPETEN)
2. Radiation which is based on the use of radiation sources should be kept as low as possible, taking into account economic and social factors.
3. The dose received by a person may not exceed the dose limit value specified in the applicable regulations.

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To determine compliance with safety provisions and the dose of radiation received by the worker radiation dose monitoring should be carried out continuously in the following manner:
1. Monitoring individual by monitoring the external radiation, using a pocket dosimeter, film badge or TLD.
2. Monitoring the working area, including the determination of radiation levels by measuring, using a radiation measuring instrument.

Supervision of Radiation Dose Before Working Period

The availability of records required dose of radiation has been received by the candidate radiation workers.


Supervision of Radiation Dose During Work

Radiation protection officer is obliged to perform the measurement of radiation dose continuously during labor and when a person reaches the value limit dose has been determined then the officer to investigate the causes and corrective actions for the officer is obliged to also record the radiation dose received each month by radiation workers.

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Radiation Dose supervision After Work Period

If the radiation officer terminates employment or moving to another part of the right to obtain records of radiation doses ever received while working as a radiation worker


Recording of Radiation Doses

The following statement should be kept on file by the Radiation Protection officer for a period of at least 30 years.
1. Results of radiation monitoring work areas are used to determine the individual dose.
2. Note the individual radiation dose
3. In the case of radiation from an accident or emergency, a report on the circumstances of the accident and the actions taken.


Dose card

Every worker must have the radiation dose of each card that contains the data of the dose received during work in the field of radiation.


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